For nearly 20 years Kristi has traveled the world competing, filming, and promoting Women’s Freeskiing.  She was one of the most prominent faces of the sport, stood on podiums around the world, won numerous awards, and was the first to perform many of the tricks women still use to win events today.  Kristi was always in demand for her marketing potential, and she represented and fronted campaigns for some of the biggest businesses in skiing, including Oakley, Red Bull, Dakine, Rossignol, Monster and Faction Skis.  She has also been featured in several well-known television shows. Her broad range of athletic abilities were put on full display with a winning performance on ABC’s “The Superstars” in the summer of 2009.  She and her family’s hotel business were the focus of an episode of “Treehouse Masters” in 2014 and she appeared as a guest investor on CNBC’s “Adventure Capitalists” in October, 2017.  She has appeared as a commentator for her sport.  Most recently, as half of an all-female team, she and her teammate fellow Freestyle skier Jen Hudak, were featured on Season 30 of “The Amazing Race” on CBS.  They just missed the win, but set a race record by becoming the only team to ever finish every leg in third place or better, cementing them as one of the strongest teams to ever run the race.

Kristi retired from full time skiing in 2013. She planned to continue building her role as a leading voice for women in all action sports. Before she could embark on this fully she found herself suffering from the symptoms of post-concussion syndrome, the consequence of years of falls on snow and water. She was lucky, after many months of visual and vestibular therapy she was able to get back to full fitness. The experience stirred a passion in her to help bring knowledge and hope to others dealing with the issue.

Kristi continues to push her limits, endeavoring to be the best role model she can be for the next generation of athletes. She continues to be a voice for women in action sports and enjoys her role as a trail-blazer and mentor. She is passionate about empowering young women through experiences, and believes deeply in the confidence and positive self-image sport brings to their lives.  Kristi is a public speaker and an entrepreneur. She is invested in several sports-related ventures. She has been around the world, has worked with many accomplished people, and is always looking for the next sports or business opportunity where her diverse skill set and life experiences can be put to use.


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